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I have arrived and posted a few pictures of my room and the contents of my wallet shortly after checking in. I hope to have some more exciting posts in the future.


  1. Molly says:

    Hi Marca! Have you gotten my panda yet??? I am in Disney World. 🙂 If you’re lucky I’ll buy you a Weezy. 我爱你!Guess who it is! See ya! Oh yeah… and the penguins are loving my room. So is Spot!
    – Awesome

    1. mseelingerjr says:

      I was at the zoo the other day. But I wasn’t there very long, so I didn’t pick up a panda. Since it sounds like you’re having such a good time at Disney World, you probably don’t need one anyway.

  2. Mom says:

    Can’t wait to see what you have sent your father for Father’s Day, something from the zoo maybe?
    PS Disney doesn’t have a panda movie! Kung Fu Panda is Dreamworks

    1. mseelingerjr says:

      That might be a little delayed. I haven’t really located the post office yet.

  3. Bridget says:

    Marc!!! I just got back from Girls State! It is sooo cool that you went to the zoo! What the heck?! No pictures of pandas?! The people deserve to see their cuddly faces! Give the people what the people want! Oh, don’t you forget what I wanted and if what I want isn’t possible, something awesome would be good! Your room looks nice though. Seems similar to the dorm at Girls State…hmmm…Oh, also, I’m an Iron Man. It’s official official. I have a certificate and a shiny plack and everything. I don’t know how to spell plack so deal. Can’t wait to see what else Chinamarc is doing! Love you big brother!!

  4. Hi China Marc,
    Hope you are having a great time. Now that you have taught me to text message, I am texting and texting… I am even taking a text messaging course and have read three (3) books on text messaging.
    I understand that a woman recently got a Ph. D. in text messaging!
    Can you send a text message from China?
    Enjoy your visit.
    Love, Grandpa

    1. mseelingerjr says:

      That’s impressive. I didn’t realize that such scholarship had been devoted to texting. You can send texts from China, but they tend to be fairly expensive (~$2-3 each).

  5. Cathy Seelinger AKA Grandma says:

    Hi Marc, It is great being able to see where you are in China.
    Your comments on the traffic are interesting. Maybe you can get some pictures of the crazy traffic and the different bikes.
    Love Grandma

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