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Pandas, etc.

I did take a quick trip to the zoo the other day. Unfortunately, since it was something of an unplanned visit, I did not have my camera on me. However, considering that admission was all of $3 (and a certain someone’s desire for a stuffed panda), I do anticipate returning sometime in the future.

I am finding the traffic in Beijing quite interesting. I think it’s worth referencing the State Department:

Traffic is chaotic and largely unregulated, and right-of-way and other courtesies are usually ignored. The average Chinese driver has fewer than five years’ experience behind the wheel and the rate of traffic accidents in China, including fatal accidents, is among the highest in the world. Cars, bicycles, motorbikes, trucks, and buses often treat road signs and signals as advisory rather than mandatory. Pedestrians never have the right of way, and you should always be careful while travelling in, or even walking near, traffic.

The assortment of vehicles on the road is also quite interesting. Actual cars tend to be quite nice, but there are also some creative interpretations of the bicycle. My personal favorite is the motorized bicycle, which looks like a bike, but flies down the sidewalk (or more frequently, weaves in and out of traffic) at about 30 mph.

There are also some new links on the side of the page. The Engrish link is particularly amusing.



  1. Marc Sr. says:

    Any more pics???

    1. mseelingerjr says:

      I just posted a few more. I haven’t done anything terribly interesting yet, but I am going to the Great Wall on Saturday.

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