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May 10th, 2013:

The IRS and the Politicization of Health Care

The fact that the IRS is targeting conservative groups for additional scrutiny and audits, while disturbing, is not particularly surprising. After all, this is the same administration that has used its power to bestow taxpayer dollars on political allies and is currently attempting to cover up its cover up of the Benghazi fiasco. In light of all of this, the fact that the administration would use the IRS as its personal goon squad is simply par for the course.

However, this does raise some troubling questions about the IRS’ role in administering ObamaCare. As the IRS is the primary means of enforcement in the law, can we expect the agency to politicize the administration of healthcare as it has apparently politicized the administration of our nation’s tax laws? Some reassurance in this regard would be particularly helpful. Will I be required to staple a copy of my voter registration card and proof of political affiliation to my insurance claim? Or will simple proof of a donation to the Obama 2012 Campaign be enough? I think this illustrates the danger of centralizing the distribution of medical care within a government. A person is at his most vulnerable when either he or someone he cares about is sick or injured. The temptation for someone to use that situation to his advantage is simply too great. Particularly when the IRS has already proven it cannot be trusted to administer the tax law fairly, how can we expect them to do any better with health care?